February 16 2016

Install PHPMyAdmin on 1and1’s Managed Server

1&1 already offers PHPMyAdmin for use from the Control Panel, but the problem can be that if you have a small team, you’d have to give them access to your Control Panel. This may not be too big of a problem if you’re a small enough team, but it’s a larger problem if your business involves reselling 1and1’s Managed Services with you being the Customer and your clients just being the people with content on the servers. Fortunately, the setup isn’t too hard to do and has been covered in a related blog at Server Tuts.

Instead of rewriting (recreating) the wheel, I’m going to just give you the main offering of the post.

  1. Download the PHPMyAdmin script
  2. Upload and unzip it to a folder in your webspace, preferably someplace not accessible without a direct domain purposefully set for it. Like a subdomain!
  3. Edit and hardcode your MySQL credentials into the config.inc.php file. ***YOURE HARDCODING YOUR DATABASE CREDENITALS!*
  4. Create an .htaccess file to block access without a password to this directory ***IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU HARDCODED YOUR DATABASE!*
  5. Provide your users the location and credentials to access PHPMyAdmin.

See, really that simple. You can read at ServerTuts if you want anything more indepth. Let me know if there’s any issues you have with the guide and i’ll update.

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