September 24 2018

1&1 Dedicated Servers finally updated!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates and I apologize for that. Since May, I’ve left working for 1&1 and went into an entirely different industry of Energy rather than WebHosting, but I’m starting to put time back into updating my sites. One of the first things I wanted to point out, to my astonishment, is that 1&1 has brought to the table, new and improved Dedicated Servers! Let’s check them out!

New Dedicated Server Offerings!

When I was at 1&1, the pride and joy for me were always the Cloud Servers. For me, they are competitively priced, offer great performance, and are easily expandable with the API. Dedicated Servers, on the other hand, were a complete waste by offering cheap prices but for cheap out-dated hardware. While they still offer those old servers that I’m use to, here’s an archive for what was available when I left in May:

Now it seems that there’s an whole new push for updated hardware and the prices are still reasonably cheap and affordable. Just think, I remember when they were selling some dedicated (dedis) servers for close to 500$ a month! 1&1 is now offerings servers running Xeon Gold and Silvers for, at most, $240 a month. And you can’t deny that the price doesn’t give you a nice share of ram too!

Comparing hardware

X10i – Old Premium Server

To put a lot of this into perspective, let’s take a look at the two highest offerings 1&1 has for both time frames. Back in May, it was the X10i which was going for $300 a month promo, and then up to $600 a month regularly once the promo expired. The X10i was a 10core Xeon E5-2650 V3 with 6TB of HDD storage and 128GB of Ram. The storage, you could tack on 240GB of SSDs in Raid 1 for and additional $40/month….OUCH!

To put that into perspective of the cost, the SSDs alone would be paid off if bought personally after only 6months! And that price would only be seen to fall soon after that depending on the timeframe. Today 240GB is close to only $100 if not much lower as M.2 and NVMe are becoming much more common place.

For continuity, the price point today for this expensive offering has fallen drastically in 4 months to a more reasonable $220/month. Keep that in mind for what’s to follow.

3XL-192 – The new king

1&1 has really stepped up this offering by giving people a nice boost in performance and memory-intensive tasks, though limiting the drive capacity and redundancy. Here we have a Xeon Gold 6126 with 192GB of Ram and 4TB of Raid 1 HDD storage. The drives can be replaced (not complimented) by a 1TB NVMe drive in Raid 1. The price point here is $240/month.

Xeon E5-2650 V3 vs Xeon Gold

So what kind of upgrade is this new, cost-effective, king that costs less than half the price of the aging X10i at launch? Well the Xeon Gold shines in that it offers a faster clockspeed, much faster Turbo speed, and more threads making this a great system for being a hypervisor. As I always mentioned to customers previously, due to the fact that Webhosting isn’t allowed to be used for storage, the low-end Dedis are great for Backup/Storage purposes whereas the more expensive dedis should almost always be used for VirtualMachines. Outside of VMs, I wouldn’t know what anyone would need all the threads and RAM for since mosts WebServers are run faster on the Cloud at much cheaper prices. Plus there’s no videocards, so graphics rendering isn’t a usecase either. Might as well use these powerful servers to run your own dedicated cloud infrastructure to have extra security.

What do you think?

So what do you think about these new offerings and the price reductions that 1&1 seems to be doing? Are they still the most cost-effective in your opinion, should they continue to offer great additions? Still wondering where AMD Epyc’s are in their offerings? Let me know in the comments!

April 30 2016

1&1 Speed Test on Cloud Server | 1and1 NGCS

So I know a few customers have asked me for the speed of the 1and1 Cloud Servers, since it doesn’t appear to show up anywhere on the site, and the official answer we give is that the Cloud Server is limited to a maximum theortical speed of 400mbit/s. As always with this sort of thing, this is the maximum possible and not the guaranteed real world connection that you’ll get all the time. This is no different then your typical ISP when you get a “75/50” connection at home, but I figured it’d be worth posting what I get on my personal account. Please note that I receive the same package as any customer with no added perks (unfortunately 🙁 ).