May 31 2017

1and1 releases Cloud-Init support for NGCS

So it appears that 1&1 has silently released an update to their CloudPanel products to support the Cloud-Init functionality. This is the same functionality seen with AWS, Linode, and others where you can configure things to happen for your server upon creation. The ultimate goal, for those unfamiliar, is to try to allievate some of the hassles associated with creating servers where you need to do trivial tasks like install applications, create users, etc. For MailServer customers, this is great because by default 1&1 Images still install with the HOSTNAME set to localhost.localdomain which will get you blacklisted if you’re not speedy enough to resolve it before your first email is sent. (For more information on a MailServer checklist).

For information on what Cloud-Init can do, read up at to get some great examples and perfect use cases. The net is also swimming in guides by other people. One that I ran today for a test run, as I’ve never had the pleasure of using the system before, was as follows:

 - name: tgarrity
  gecos: Tim Garrity  
  sudo: ['ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL']  
  groups: wheel  
    - ssh-rsa ABCDE...12345 vm-key
package_upgrade: true
hostname: server1
manage_etc_hosts: true
disable_root: true

Short and simple, create a new user for me outside of the root user, disabled root so it can only be used during KVM, and set the hostname.

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