February 15 2016

Windows Commandline via SerialConsole [1and1]

One thing that most 1&1 Dedicated Server customers seem to miss, is the usefulness of the Serial Console. Sure, it’s not a KVM access point, you’re not going to get a GUI image like the VNC console that runs on the Dells, or even the level of control that the CloudServer’s give you, but it’s still quite useful. When you’ve completely botched your network, whether via Firewall or misconfiguration of the Network, sometimes it’s just absolutely needed to get into a good ‘ol Command Line. All you need is Putty and to open a connection to your “Sercon” at “sercon.onlinehome-server.com” and enter your credientals.

From there, you can do everything from:
-Killing Processes
-View running processes
-Get Network info
-Reboot/Crashdump the server
-And our topic: Initiate CommandPrompt

You can read the 1&1 Help Article for more information on the serial console here: http://help.1and1.com/servers-c37684/dedicated-server-windows-c39510/rescue-and-recovery-c76208/use-the-serial-console-with-a-windows-server-a627376.html

The main talking point is when you’re in the “SAC>” prompt, one of the commands you can issue is “cmd”. If the server is running without issues, then “cmd” initiates a CommandPrompt connection. All you have to do is CHange ScreeNs to the newly created screen CMD0001 with “ch -sn CMD0001”. After that, it’ll ask you for login information, if this is an AD server, you can enter even the domain information here too. Once you’re in, you’ll see your “SAC>” prompt transform into the standard “C:\Windows\System32>” prompt ready for your connections. One common thing to do would be to¬†Disable the firewall.

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