February 17 2016

Let’s Encrypt, Free SSL provider extension available in Plesk

We all know the struggles of wanting an SSL to secure our sites, but also want to be recognized as not being a danger to our users. Unfortunately for that last part, that rules out the ability to operate with a Self Signed SSL, and for good reason. In my typical conversation with customers, I try to explain “You wouldn’t trust a bank with your money, just because they say they’re trust worthy? Or just because the building owns a vault?” That’s the basic premise of a self-signed SSL, you have all the encryption, sure, but you don’t have the 3rd Party saying that anyone should take you at your word.

That basically leaves us to have to get a Premium SSL, like the Comodo SSL that secures DIYServer.Guide, or the AlphaSSLs that secure TimGarrity.Me or AIOXperts.com. They’re effective in securing the data, they are recognized as safe by the industry at large, and they come with a nice Price Tag that makes you ask “is it worth it?” The SSL business is a bit out of control, imho, and costs way too much.

Enter “Let’s Encrypt”, which is a Free SSL Provider https://letsencrypt.org/. It’s slowly becoming more and more recongized by the industry at large, and allows you to register and order your own SSLs. Thankfully, there’s also a Plesk Extension available that allows you to quickly and effortless register and setup an SSL.

All you have to do is, go to Plesk, click “Extensions”, “Extension Catalog”, search for “Lets Encrypt”, then follow the prompts for install and setting up your SSL.

You can see an example of the SSL by going to https://hurricane.hosting which is a parody site of a fictitious Hosting Company. Unfortunately, the validity of “Let’s Encrypt” SSLs are only 3months long, but that’s a price to pay for free I suppose.

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