November 30 2015

MobaXterm instead of Putty

draft review of MobaXterm

For us Admins to connect to our linux servers, there’s no application that has as great of a recognition than Putty. It’s light-weight, portable, and gets the job done, allowing you to SSH, Telnet, or even make a Serial Connection to your end-resources. All around it’s a must have! Working with multiple servers though, I have found that I outgrew Putty very quickly as I needed a solution for multiple connections and didn’t want to swift through a lot of Windows to find what I’m looking for. My journey was to just find a simple tabbed alternative to putty, and there are a few great worthy-mentions:

Super-Putty (OSS):

mRemoteNG (OSS): A nice, close, 2nd place mention to MobaXterm. If you don’t like the restrictions of the Home version and don’t want to buy a license for Moba, then mRemoteNG should be your next best bet as it’s for free.


So I choose MobaXterm for many a reasons, at first I started with mRemoteNG for Multi-Tabbed, but moved to Moba during a trial run and loved it. I’ve yet run into the restrictions of the Home license, and it’s Plugin system and CygWin integration has saved my butt some times. My favorite setup of it, using the MobaXterm as my go-to SSH client, have a CygWin tab open with DNS-Tools, Python, and Git installed, Right out the gate, Moba comes with alot of different features for the network testing like Port-Scanning, Packet Capturing, as well as multiple types of Servers.

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