December 13 2015

1&1 Cloud Servers now has Data Center Selections

So prior to 12/09/2015, 1&1 only allowed you access to the datacenter of your region, which for most of the world meant basing yourself out of their main datacenter in Lenexa, Kansas. The only way to get put into Europe was to be a UK, French, or German customer and you would be based out of the Spain Datacenter. Well fortunately, that’s all changed now, and we can choose where we want our cloud to be located with the following choices: Spain/Europe, USA, Germany.

The datacenter feature covers a number of things:

  • Server Creation
  • Load Balancer
  • Private Networking
  • VPN
  • Shared Storage

A few things to note:

Creating a Servers can’t connect to private networks not in their datacenter. That basically goes the same for VPN and Load Balancing as well, everything must be connected with it’s datacenter. The Datacenter feature is kept in the “Advanced” tab as everything else defaults to the datacenter of your region as it use to happen.

2015-12-12 19_20_44-1&1 Control Panel


2015-12-12 19_21_11-1&1 Control Panel


2015-12-12 19_31_38-1&1 Control Panel

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