March 20 2016

SSH Keys with 1and1 Cloud Servers

1&1 has updated their NGCS (New Gen Cloud Server) platform to include the ability to have your Public SSH key added to the server upon creation. SSH keys gives you a secure Public/Private key solution that is much safer than using passwords. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to do a few security tasks such as disable password logins, change ports, and disable root login altogether for a nice and secure system, but for now this is a pleasant addition!


2016-03-16 20_38_48-1&1 Cloud Panel

Create your Public key using PuttyGen¬†, then simply paste the contents of the Public Key into “SSH Key”. After the server is complete, you can use Pageant from the same Putty creator, or if your SSH client like MobaXterm allows it, load the Private Key then connect to your server.

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