August 20 2016

Splashtop Free with 1and1 Cloud Server

So you can’t use TeamViewer Free with your Windows Cloudserver as it requires a paid license to do so, which is a shame since we’re more than capable of doing so with our Linux Cloudservers. So if you were in the market for a solution other than Remote Desktop, perhaps you should give Splashtop a try. Atleast at the time of this writing, Splashtop is a free service allowing you to remote connect to any computer that’s in your Network. Please note the emphasis there. Obviously this would throw a wrench into the plan of using Splashtop since your Cloudserver with 1and1 is in a remote network, but fortunately 1and1 provides a free workaround.

If you are able to do so, setup and configure one of the VPNs offered in your Cloud Panel at 1and1 by following the guides posted in the Cloud Panel help documents here. Once you’re setup and connect, you are now local on your CloudPanel’s network making all of your servers appear local to you! Now once you open up Splashtop, you’ll be able to connect to your Windows Cloudserver without an issue for free!

Another benefit of using this VPN: All of your traffic to and from your server is encrypted regardless of whether or not the traffic was encrypted to begin with. So if you use RDP, Splashtop, or just pull up your sites or other services hosted in your Cloud Panel, you’ll know that it’s tunneled and secured.

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