July 16 2016

Digital Ocean releases “Block Storage”

For those who have been using DigitalOcean droplets, you’ve probably found yourself in need of additional disk space outside of what your Droplet originally provides. Originally you had to either expand your Droplet, which meant unneeded increases in vCores and Ram along with the price they warrant, or use another provider like AWS and link that storage remotely. Obviously the price increase and resource pollution makes the former a nightmare and the latter means yet another company to deal with and latency possibilities.

Instead, the new solution, is to just add a NFS that you can pay for with the additional diskspace you need. You continue to pay for the droplet size of your choice, and then choose to pay an additional $0.10 per GB that you need every month. The current sizes range from 1GB all the way up to a whopping 16TB of disk space, $0.10/month and $160.00/month respectively.

You can read more about DigitalOcean’s new feature by visiting their official blog here:


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