April 4 2016

Cloud Panel Prototype | Early Beta

So I’ve spent a lot of time working with the 1&1 Cloud Server API, and have started to put it into production by trying to build my own Cloud Panel. For quite a while I was building it as a WordPress Plugin, which is still a goal, but even better, I was thinking of a stand alone product and service: A Brandable CloudPanel.

Why your own Cloud Panel?

In the end, it should be able to allow service providers and DIY resellers, to allow their customers access to a Cloud Panel, using the company’s 1&1 account, but provide Access Control in house. Currently the 1&1 Cloud Panel doesn’t take into account ownership when they create users. Each Cloud Panel user can see servers of other users which is bad for a business. 1&1 Cloud Panel is also already branded, by 1and1.com themselves.

What’s ready?

So far, not much functionality is built in, though the API is in place and running great. I’m using a simple free Template, ugly JS-PHP bridging, and doesn’t allow for any manipulation of the VMs (that’ll come later after the Beta). Currently you only login via your API Token, I recommend creating a new user with no creation abilities to just test the function. Until the final product and source code is available (planned, not guaranteed as I weigh pros/cons), I wouldn’t ask anyone to trust putting a Admin level API into anything they personally trust. I’ll win that trust with upcoming releases! Until then, you can use my guest

Can I try?


API: e1e32b2d4abd65521aec8d06de3c240e  (guest role on my account)

What’s to come?

  • User Management for the Application and linkage to API Users
    • Each user on the application will be linked to an API User
    • Objects (VMs, Images, etc) created by a User will be hidden by other users by default
    • Groups will be created to share amongst users
  • SSH Console / RDP client integration
    • There are many free 3rd party libraries that allow HTML5 clients to do such tasks.
    • This is the closest we can get to the KVM until they give some sort of access to it.
  • Emulate all functions of the Cloud Panel
  • Allow custom branding to be done
    • I want more than just “change Logo”, but for now, it’s just a few select themes and the Logo is planned.


Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see most.

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